Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Busy times on Pinehurst Drive

Hello Stampers!  Welcome to Wednesday and The Classic Card!

Things have been a whirlwind of activity since Amy and the grandchildren arrived on Sunday.  There have been a lot of things going on, but stamping hasn't been one of them! 

We've been out to dinner, to the local library, and splashing in a fun fountain at Cannery Square in Old Town Sherwood. We've been hanging out in the back yard, playing in the sandbox and splashing in the wading pool. Today we're having breakfast outdoors at Hayden's (by the lake in Tualatin) where the children will be entertained by the Canada geese that are constantly taking off and landing on the lake. 

Yesterday afternoon, while the twins were napping, Emma and I enjoyed an afternoon of card-making.  We made a stack of birthday cards that she can take home to Seattle and use for her friends' birthday parties.  When you're 6, you get invited to a LOT of birthday parties!  But that's all the stamping I've done in the past few days.

I'm sorry I don't have a fabulous new card to share with you today, but I'll be back in stamping mode soon.  I have a fun picture to share with you, though, and here it is....

two freshly-bathed two year olds, headed for bed!  After a day of chasing these two around, all I can say is hurray for bedtime!
Check back on Friday, when I hope to have another Classic Card for your enjoyment!
Thanks for stopping by today!

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