Friday, July 29, 2016

Almost there!

Hey there, stampers!

I'm so happy to report that we're almost there.  Just about everything is packed... even our suitcases.  I've still got a list of chores, though... everything from cleaning the refrigerator and the range to disconnecting my desktop computer and printer.  Those items will be accomplished today and through the weekend.  There are some boxes that need sealing up, but that won't take long.  Our master bedroom closet is empty at last!  And Value Village has a new supply of used clothing!

Here are some photos to document our accomplishments:

Recognize the dining room?  I guess the chandelier gives it away.

Here's the upstairs "catwalk..."

And our "oh so lovely" bedroom...

One last shot of the great room

I think you'll agree that the decor is just amazing! The worst area by far is the garage.  It is almost impassable there are so many boxes piled up there.  So far this move has been super-challenging. The process of downsizing and then packing has been overwhelming at times.  But I knew if we worked hard, we'd come to the end of packing and we are 99.9% finished.  We're still alive and we're still speaking to each other, so I count that as a great achievement.

Sorry I don't have a card to show you today.  I hope you understand that getting ready for the moving van has been my top priority.  I will be blogging on and off the next couple of weeks.  I hope to show you some photos of the new house once we get down to California.  It's going to take a while for me to show you some new cards, though, as I will need to get settled into my stamping space before I'll have any time to create some new cards.  

Thanks for stopping in to read today!  Have a great warm weekend!
Hugs and happy stamping,

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