Monday, September 16, 2013

Drawing a straight line....

Hello my stamping friends!  Happy Monday to all and thanks for stopping in today at The Classic Card!

How skilled are you when it comes to drawing?  I hate to admit it, but I'm horrible at it!  I have no artistic skill whatsoever when it comes to drawing.  Even when I'm drawing stick figures, they look "off" somehow.  I think most four-year-olds can draw more skillfully than I do.  I guess that's why I love stamping so much.  I can create something pretty with my own two hands, something I could never do with a pencil and a piece of paper.

Today's card starts out with a daunting task... drawing not one straight line, but two!  When I first saw this type of card online, I thought to myself "oh what an easy card idea."  Well, I was wrong, wrong, wrong about that!  With the help of a metal ruler (wooden ones tend to get little indentations along them, which makes for a wiggly line) and a marker, you should be able to pull this off in a few ( maybe two or three) tries.  Or,if you're like me, maybe five or six tries!

OK, let me show you the card.  I love how it turned out, by the way!

So, as I said, you start out by drawing two straight lines.  I used the thin point on an Early Espresso marker to draw my lines.  It is necessary to wipe the ruler with a tissue or paper towel after each line... otherwise you'll end up with an ugly smear. (Ask me how I know that.)  After you've done that, it is time to stamp the sentiment.  Of course once I'd successfully drawn the two lines, I messed up the sentiment a couple of times.... crooked, smeared, etc.
Then, using post it paper, carefully mask off the lines and sentiment and stamp the flowers on the top portion of the card.  Reposition the post-it paper and stamp the flowers on the bottom.  Really, it's a very simple concept... just a little harder to pull off than I originally thought.  Ever notice that a lot of life is like that???
The stamp set I used is Summer Silhouettes and the colors are Pear Pizzazz, Crushed Curry, and Tangerine Tango.  I used Early Espresso for the lines, the sentiment, and the centers on the flowers. The back panel is Tangerine Tango.

Here's a little hint that will help you.  When you are stamping the flowers, sometimes you don't get a complete "print" with the stamp as it bumps up against the post-it paper.  So you might end up with a bare spot on a leaf or a flower.  To fill in the bare area, use the thin point on the matching marker to make tiny little dots of color very close together.  That will fill in the missing color much better than using the thicker tip to just color in the missing ink.  For some reason, when you do that, the ink is too dark and it draws attention to the mistake.

I hope you'll take some time in the next few days to try a card like this.  It's definitely a challenge, but the results are impressive when you've been successful.  Thanks so much for being my readers!
May today be the start of a great week for you!

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