Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello From Salt Lake City!

Good morning Stampers!

Here I am in beautiful (?? it's really pretty hot and dry) Salt Lake City.  Soon I'm going to walk over to the Salt Palace for what's known as "Check In Day."  There are no formal meetings, classes, or activities going on, but it's the day when we pick up our convention bags (they're always great... different every year), get our convention stamp sets, look at all of the product displays ( as well as WALLS of cards), and go to Memento Mall, where there's all sorts of Stampin'Up! merchandise for sale.  It is always fun to see what they have, as the merchandise changes every year.  Then the convention starts bright and early on Thursday morning, with the first general session. 

So I don't have any pictures for you yet, but hope to post some for you on Thursday, providing my camera works properly.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Happy Stamping!

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