Monday, July 23, 2012

Friends, Fun, and Free Stamps!!!

Hello Stampers!

Happy Monday!  I'm so happy to see the sun today!  I was a little worried yesterday when I returned to overcast skies.

Well, convention is over, I'm back home, and now it's time to get back into my regular routine.  My plan is to post each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so look for me here on those days.  After six days of no cooking, no cleaning, and no laundry, plus non-stop stamping fun, it will be an adjustment to resume "normal" life, but I've hit the ground running! 

Some of the best things about convention, other than all the stamping demonstrations and classes, is reconnecting with old friends.  This is a photo of me with some friends I met about four years ago at the Monaco Hotel.  They are from Kansas City, Missouri and now we meet up again each year at our favorite hotel, the Monaco.  The lady in the black and white striped outfit is the famous (among stampers, anyway) Shannon West, who works for Stampin'Up! and is featured prominently at convention, where she makes the best stamping presentations and does the best classes.  We all love her and it is fun to talk with her in person.

Another thing that makes convention so much fun are the great surprises.  Shelli, the co-founder of Stampin'Up!. will be up on stage talking about a stamp set as part of her presentation and then she'll just casually say something like "don't you think it would be nice if you all had this set?"  Then pandemonium erupts as 3,500 crazy stampers go wild.  Stampin'Up! staff come running out with bags of stamps and start passing the stamp sets down the rows until everyone has their set.  This photo was taken after all of the craziness had calmed down, but it shows the TWO stamp sets we got during the  closing session on Saturday afternoon.  What a fun way to end the 2012 convention!

I hope you'll excuse me, as I've got to get busy now.  I've got laundry in the washer and a few floors that need scrubbing.  Thanks for stopping by today and please come back and visit on Wednesday, when I'll have a new card or two for you!

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