Monday, July 14, 2014

Faux Cloisonne from Technique Geeks

Hi there stampers!

I wasn't going to give my "secret" away, but since it really is no secret, today I'm going to share with you a technique that we used at Technique Geeks last Thursday.  It is called Faux Cloisonne, which means that it's a technique that mimics the look of cloisonne.  Google "cloisonne" and you'll see some examples.  Basically  it is metal with an overlay of decorative enamel.  I'm sure you've seen cloisonne jewelry.  I used to have a little cloisonne pill box... don't know whatever happened to it.

Anyway... let's get to the card we made on Thursday...

And here's the not-so-secret to the technique.  You simply heat emboss with gold powder on glossy magazine pages and then punch out the images.  So, so simple!  The trick is in finding magazine pages that will give the look you want.  I found that pictures that have some color variation in them work best.  In the example above, the butterfly on the left was stamped with Versamark on top of a bouquet of pink and yellow flowers.  The middle butterfly was stamped onto a picture of trees.  The one on the right was stamped over a bouquet of yellow flowers.  Half the fun of the technique is finding the photos.  What a great excuse to sit down with a stack of magazines and browse through them... one of my favorite things to do.
That reminds me of a great quote I want to share with you.  I ran across this one on some merchandise by Mary Engelbreit when I was at a local craft store the other day.  It says "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."  So there, you now have permission to waste time, as long as you're enjoying it!  So get a stack of old magazines spend some time finding pretty images that you can stamp over.

I hope you'll give the Faux Cloisonne technique a try very soon!  I think you'll love it.  I will caution you though, you really need a fairly detailed stamp such as this butterfly from Papillon Potpourri.  Please send me a quick email if you have questions.  Have a great Monday and a wonderful (and warm!) week!
Hugs and Happiness!

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