Monday, May 2, 2016

The Queen of Downsizing....

Hello Stampers!

Happy May, everyone!  Summer is getting closer every day!

Just a quick post today to let you know that my blogging schedule will be a little "off" as I am putting 99% of my time and energy into the downsizing of our many possessions.  How we ever accumulated so much "stuff" is beyond me!  But we've been married 46 years this summer and we've never really done a big purge. Before this, we just packed everything up and brought it along.  Well, that strategy won't work this time, as we hope to end up with a home that's quite a bit smaller than our current home.  

I'm hoping to start my garage sale (non-Stampin'Up! stuff) this Thursday and Friday, but I will send out an email confirming the dates very soon.  John is supposed to have more surgery on his head this Thursday, but he's going to try to put it off, since he hasn't really healed from the last surgery he had.

Sorry for the lack of a card today, but preparing to move has to be my priority for now.  Hope you all enjoyed the great weather yesterday!  What a perfect May Day it was!
Hugs and happiness,

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