Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Who Named this Stamp Set???

Hello there, stampin' buds!
What a gorgeous day this is shaping up to be!  Break out the sandals, the capris, and the sunglasses!  Not to mention the sunscreen!

As I mentioned on Monday, I'm going to be doing a little series here on favorite retiring stamp sets... ones that I'm going to have a hard time putting in my garage sale.  Here's another one that may not find its way into the garage sale pile, which has already grown to alarming proportions...

Ah, yes!  The lovely, yet strangely named Papaya Collage stamp set, found on page 62 of the annual catalog.  I will agree that this stamp sets makes great collage-style cards, but where in tarnation is the papaya?
Oh, unless the bird is a papaya bird???  Silly me, I always thought that a papaya was a tropical fruit.
I just "googled" Papaya Collage and found a set on eBay for 99.95.  I'm not joking, people.  This is what happens when stamps retire.  That was for a new set in clear mount.  The price in the Stampin'Up! catalog is $23.95 for the clear-mount set.  If you are a lover of "artsy" cards, a lover of collage cards, a lover of vintage-style cards, or even a lover of birds, this set should be calling out your name!  Again, this is a set of images that I love, from the ornate frame, to the butterfly, to the fern frond, to the rose, to the bird... it all works together so beautifully.  There's even a vintage party had to dress up the bird if you wish.
I hope I've convinced you that you cannot live without this amazing stamp set.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.  Get out there in those golden rays and make some vitamin D the old-fashioned way!  But don't get so distracted by the sunshine that you forget to come back on Friday.  I've got more retirees for you to meet!
Hugs and Happy Stamping!

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  1. Susan, Next to Betsy's Blossoms, Papaya Collage is my second favorite set! Great cards. I feel like I won the lottery with this weather!