Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It was "one of those days...

Hey there, stampers!

It's Wednesday and although I intended to be ready with a new card for you today, it just didn't happen because my Tuesday was just a little too crazy for me to get any stamping done.

So... my apologies for the lack of a card in today's post.  The good news is that our backyard landscaping project is finally underway,  We have been not-so-patiently waiting for them to get started.  With so many new homes in the area, the wait time for landscaping projects is pretty long.  We've been waiting since late August!

Tonight was family dinner night at our house.  This is a once-a-week event where I cook dinner and Kate, Tim, and the girls come over to complete a project for us.  Tonight Kate and Tim hung the blinds on our patio door.  Finally!  We were a little tired of the big cardboard sheets propped over our sliding patio door.  While they work on the project "du jour," I give the girls their bath and get them into their jammies.   So after cooking dinner, cleaning up, and then giving two very energetic little girls a bath, complete with lots of splashing and other shenanigans,  I'm a pretty tired grandmother!

Thought you might like to check out the pumpkins by our front door...

Thanks for reading and please come back on Friday, when I'm planning on having an actual card to inspire you to stamp!

Hugs and happiness,

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