Friday, June 3, 2016

What an Amazing Trip!

Hello Stampers and happy Friday to all!

Since arriving home late Sunday night, I've been putting all of my energies into getting ready for the big Stampin'Up! garage sale that starts tonight at 6:30 pm for hostesses only.  If you were a hostess this past year, then you got a special invitation to attend.  Saturday at 9 am, the sale is open to everyone.  Bring cash or your checkbook, as I cannot accept credit cards for the garage sale.  It might be a good idea to bring your own reusable shopping bag to haul away all of the great bargains you are going to find.

The cruise was truly the trip of a lifetime, but it was physically challenging as well.  We scheduled a shore excursion every day since we wanted to see the sights.... not just the inside of the ship.  Each day we were in a different port, so we really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to see each city.  We got up at 6 am each morning, were ready for breakfast at 7 am, and at 8 it was time to meet up with our group for the tour de jour.  By day four of this routine we decided to take a break.  So we missed 1 day of Provence... the day we were scheduled to visit a perfume factory in the countryside.  I was sorry to miss it, but we needed a day of resting and just doing nothing.

Here are a few photos of Le Castellet, a medieval walled village on top of a hill in Provence.  What a picturesque place and the shops there were great!

I'll share more photos of this fabulous trip later.  I hope to see you at my garage sale on Friday or Saturday.  Don't forget.... you'll get to pick up your brand new copy of the Stampin'Up! catalog!
Hugs and happiness!

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