Monday, June 6, 2016

Market Day in Marseille, Provence

Hello again, Stampers!

Happy Monday!  Wow... what a scorcher this weekend was!  We are definitely looking forward to the cooler temperatures forecast for today, aren't you?

I've got some pretty photos of the last excursion of the cruise.  They are from May 28th when we docked in Marseille, France.  Our tour took us to the town of Sanary du mer.  It was market day (Saturday) and there was not only a farmer's market, but also a large flea market where vendors were selling antique linens, silver, and all sorts of odds and ends.  That part of the market reminded me a little too much of what I was trying to sell at my own garage sale back home!

Gorgeous vegetables and fruit. Check out those beautiful radishes!

The prettiest heirloom tomatoes... so perfect!

Golden honey in the golden sunlight of Provence.

This picturesque harbor was just a few feet away from the market.  The area where they were selling fresh fish was just a little too fishy for us, but the rest of it was beautiful!  

I'll be back on Wednesday with some card ideas for you.  Stay cool!

Hugs and happiness,

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