Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Photos

Hello stampers!  Happy Friday!

I hope you're not too disappointed that there will be no card photos for a while.  I think all of you know that my stamping supplies are in a warehouse in Vancouver Washington until delivery day sometime late next week. 

Tonight after dinner, John and I took a little trip out to the house to see the finished yard.  After almost 46 years of mowing, John will finally be able to retire from that little chore.  He sold the lawnmower to a neighbor in Sherwood and we're giving the edger to our son-in-law. 

These photos of the outside of the house show the xeriscaped front yard... just plants on a drip system surrounded by bark and rocks.  It's sure a different look from the green surrounding our Pinehurst house, isn't it?  And the house could not be more different as well.
Life is full of adjustments and as we get older, the need to be flexible is more and more important.  It is exciting to have a fresh start in a new place and also a little scary as well.  I think we are up for the challenge, though.

Here are the photos...

Hope you all have a very relaxing weekend! 
Hugs and happiness,

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